Our Services

At 7Concepts, “We Just Love What We Do”7Concepts provides design research, strategic design, experience design, and project management. We use the design thinking methodology and techniques in all the business services we offer.  With designers, marketers, and curators under the 7concepts team, we develop a 360 experience for our clients. In addition, we design our own products and services. 

Live Webinar designed for Industrial Bank


Research & Insight

We employ a range of in-house qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to gather insight to meet our clients’ target market and segmentation through research objectives. Using the tools below, we will use tactics of face-to-face, online (email and social media) and phone to meet with the community you currently or are seeking to get further insights on.

  • Design Research
  • Audience Insight and Research
  • User Profile Interviews
  • Ethnography

Strategy & Business Design

We believe, in order to shift an organization’s decision-making and its’ culture, the design of the business and its’ strategy must be developed collaboratively. Coupled with traditional business and the methods of design thinking, we can be effective in change management, internal communication structure, designing a strong strategic plan and approaches to be integrated into the company and be supported by its’ leadership.

  • Product and Brand Development
  • Content Development and Curation
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Brand Marketing – Experience working with a variety of companies, showcasing a strong corporate branding aesthetic.
  • Concepting and implementing a marketing strategy that includes web design, branding, marketing materials, social media content etc.
  • Build brand awareness and maintain the company’s online presence including digital marketing, social media, and dark social channels

Experience Design

Everything we do, we approach it, design it, plan it and execute it with the experience of the user in our minds. Experience Design can take an ordinary product or service in the minds of a consumer, to one they will never forget. Continuing with using the process of design thinking, we will offer innovation and strategy that offer the user an experience that is more than quality but loyalty.

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Special Events & Exhibition
  • Communication Design

Project Management

90% of the projects we design, strategize, and plan, we manage. Not only making sure that product or service delivery, but that we are able to be part of exceeding the goal(s) and objectives that we are part of.