Our Purpose


Karen is a dynamic and inspiring business leader with keen marketing and event insight. She pushes the marketing envelope to create masterful marketing campaigns. You can count on Karen and her team to provide direction and expertise in order to make her clients’ event a success. Gabie Williams, Sr. Account Manager, DATAWERX

Karen Baker is the principal and Chief Design Activist and Artisan of 7Con Studio, originally named Seven Concepts Inc. in 2003, which temporarily closed its doors in December 2010.  7Con Studio is the multi-disciplinary design consultancy portion of Seven Concepts Inc. We provide creative direction and leadership strategies using design thinking techniques to develop a 360 experience for our clients; along with designing our own independent products and services.  The tagline is “We Just Love What We Do.”

7Con Studio designs and executes products and services that ignite an experience that promotes and supports diversity and inclusion. The business acquires limited clients who are looking to use design thinking for a human-centered approach and as a cultural interpreter.  Creative services include design or re-design of business, product or service; and working with creative and design leaders to develop and define a business model and strategies using techniques such as facilitating creative thinking training and workshops and coaching for those wishing to improve their customer or user experience.

“Design Thinking focuses on accelerating the pace at which knowledge advance from mystery to heuristic to algorithm.” Martin, Roger. The Design of Business.  2009.