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CMO Tenure Issues

CMO tenure is the lowest it has been in over 10 years, and while new data suggests that 86% of CEOs believe CMOs have the power to influence key decisions of the C-suite, less than a third actually trust their CMOs to grow the business. Access the full CMO Insights report.

Examples of key data points featured in the Boathouse CMO Insights report include:

More than 70% of CEOs believe their CMO would save their own ass before taking a bullet for them. 

56% of survey respondents believe the CMO is more committed to themselves and personal gains versus the CEO/board.

Only 34% of CEOs have great confidence in their CMOs, and only 32% trust them overall.

More than half of CEOs (58%) believe that key issues with their tenure are the lack of speaking the language of the business and using too much marketing jargon.

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