Creativity Coaching for Business Owners [New]

Who is a Creativity Coaching Client?: You are a client that is the design leader and creative business and entrepreneur who has intertwined your artistic and/or creative discipline into your business. You have a hobby and passion for the arts and creative life and/or pursued or want to pursue it as a career at some point.

Over the last 6 years, Karen has privately coached small business owners who are 5-10 or more years in business by supporting them in growing or scaling their businesses. With the presenting credentials of Certified Creativity Coach, Karen lectures on four areas: “creativity as a concept”, “meaning work”, “art as a calling”, and “creating after 40”  for academic environments and conferences with this niche group in leadership, innovation, career transition, and creativity.  Interested, set up a time now for a complimentary 15-minute consultation!

As a small business owner of a thriving local candle business, I have had the support of a knowledgeable and well versed Karen Baker.  During this past year, I’ve transitioned a hobby of mine into a viable business. Ms. Baker has mentored me through this continuing process of learning how to manage my time more effectively, understanding my overhead costs, securing candle events and creating other streams of revenue within my candle business.  Ms. Baker is a solid coach who encourages me to think outside the box yet challenges me to find my niche. Not only is Ms. Baker a reputable educator, but a consummate professional who expects the best from her students, because she gives the best.  Alison Henderson, Ahh Candles by Alison

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