Experience Design with MoviePass

As a serious movie goer, this is something I am buying into – Movie Pass.  As you look at the data below from MPAA, you can see the shift from previous years in the diversity of cultures that attended the movies due to them seeing themselves on screen. This created a 2% increase as well – $11.4 billion (2016) and $11.1 billion (2015).

In 2016, 18-24 year olds went to the movies an average of 6.5 times over the year, up 0.6 from 2015. This was the largest increase of any age group. Per capita attendance was next highest for 12-17 year olds (6.1). Per capita attendance also increased for 25-39 year olds and 50-59 year olds compared to the previous year. 

Per capita attendance increased for African Americans and Asians/Other Ethnicities compared to 2015. In 2016, Asians/Other Ethnicities reported the highest annual attendance per capita, going to the cinema an average of 6.1 times in the year.

Three of the top five grossing films in 2016 attracted majority female audiences. Finding Dory drew the largest proportion of females, with 55 percent of its box office coming from women. The Jungle Book drew the most ethnically diverse audience, followed by Finding Dory and Captain America: Civil War.

So here comes MoviePass to bring a better experience in the pocket for consumers. The $10 Monthly Subscription for Unlimited Movie Tickets!

A ticket to the movies normally costs $8.84 on average around the U.S., and admission in big city theaters routinely runs $12 to $15. With MoviePass’s tweaked pricing, however, customers pay just $9.95 for a subscription granting admission to one film each and every day for a month. And yes, the deal is valid even in cities where theaters normally charge well over $10 per ticket.

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